Confederate Motorcycles: A Review

hellcat_speedster_homeWow. I remember the first time I saw a Confederate motorcycle. It was unreal. It looked like the love child of a Harley-Davidson and a Transformer with Steampunk tendencies. These two-wheeled pieces of art are finally back on the market following the devastating loss of Confederate’s manufacturing during Hurricane Katrina. Don’t worry, they’ll only run  you about one-hundred thousand dollars.

Lead_2012_CON_Hellcat_JA_112The Hellcat is a big machine, but surprisingly sporty. The five-speed handles well in the friction zone, and features super-powerful brakes. Its 2147CC (yeah, I know, what the hell) V-twin motor is a torque MONSTER. Nothing can prepare you for hopping on this brutal engine. Hold on for dear life as it roars thunderously to life. A deep guttural growl escapes its filters and drills into your head like a surgeon with a drill. No ounce of power is lost on you.


If you can’t afford the Hellcat, just sit down on a bucking bronco and have some tribal drummers bang on your helmet with sticks. That’s the pure energy of the Confederate Hellcat. The Hellcat was named after the legendary Grumman F6F WWII fighter aircraft—fun fact.

This bike has heart and soul, a true classic. I would recommend its purchase to anyone who can afford it. With 140 pounds of torque power, the Hellcat is an American-made bike for the true rebel at heart.

X132-Hellcat-Speedster-8-Right-Profile-1920x960 The first time I swung a leg over this badboy, I was not prepared. I thought it would give me more of a sport bike vibe, but it’s no cruiser. It’s a 21st century interpretation of the cafe racer. Its sportyness can get uncomfortable on your wrists and shoulders afterawhile, so make sure you ride comfortably. ATGATT for life.

Just take a look at these specs!


X132 56° Fuel Injected V-Twin V-Twin
132 Cubic Inches (2,163 cc)
4.4” Bore x 4.4” Stroke
One-Piece Forged Crank
Journal Bearing Design
Single Side-Draft Intake with 58mm Throttle Bodies
Performance Calibrated Engine Control Unit


Horsepower: 121 BHP
Torque: 140 Foot Pounds


5-Speed Drag Racing Transmission

Proprietary Confederate Design
One-Piece Seamless Handmade Construction
Heat, Chemical & Impact Resistant Aerospace Composite
Matte Clear Coat Finish Over Carbon Fiber
3-Gallon Capacity


Motogadget Precision Analogue Tachometer
Digital Speed & Status


Classic American Riding Position
Premium Solo Tractor-Style Leather Saddle
Forward Foot Controls
Classic Swept Handlebar
Seat Height: 28.5”

You get my point, I think. The purity in this creation, the honesty in the mechanical design…it communicates so strongly with the rider. From wheel to saddle to grip to clutch, the Confederate Hellcat screams no nonsense and promotes an unbelievable journey.