The Most Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs in the United States

Hell’s Angels, Warlocks, Mongols, Sons of Silence, Banditos, Sons of Anarchy. We know the last one is fictional, but you get my drift. These are synonymous with danger, with motorcycles. Here are the top 4 outlaw biker gangs in the United States:


  1. Hell’s Angels

Obviously the most famous of all the gangs, the Hell’s Angels have an approximate membership over 2,500 bikers. They’re the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an outlaw motorcycle club. They’ve become such an autonomous entity, that they even have businesses across six continents. They’re constantly in the throes of a turf war, battling the Mongols for California and the Outlaws for Canadian influence. Sometimes the wars even turn inward amongst its own charters. In the 1980s, a Canadian chapter beefed with another charter. Its members were found floating face down in the St. Lawrence River.

  1. Sons of Silence

Composed of nearly 300 members, this Colorado motorcycle gang is a smaller chapter. But what they lack in numbers, they make up in sheer firepower. Their arsenal is comprised of machine guns, pipe bombs, grenades and more. They are allies of the Hell’s Angels, but only because they stand in danger of beign completely obliterated by the HA.

  1. Mongols

The most famous rival of the Hell’s Angels is the 1500 member-strong motor cycle gang, The Mongols. Their tenacity has doubled their ranks since the 1980s. They’re known for having allegiances across the US with other Latino street gangs. They fight with the Angels for control of SoCal. Their aggression and violence is well-known throughout the Gang Task Force. Sixty gang members were arrested in 2008 for drug trafficking, murder and racketeering. The president of the gang was also arrested at this time. As a result, members were barred from wearing patches in public. Last year, a judge ruled that they could resume wearing their colors in public again.

  1. Warlocks

Located in Orlando Florida and across the Eastern seaboard, the Warlocks have a nasty reputation. Three hundred members strong, they have a nasty history of violence and crime. They spare no one, from police officers to women and rival gang leaders, anyone is up for grabs when it comes to the Warlocks. Florida is a breeding ground for the debaucheries and the criminal anyway, but the Warlocks help flood the streets with methamphetamine. One gang member was arrested with over 10 pounds of crystal and 500 pounds of crank.