What is a Gremlin Bell?

HRB043-2-300x268I want to explain the name of this site: Gremlin Bell. A gremlin bell is more than a decorative item for your motorcycle—it’s a lifesaver. If you’ve ever noticed a small bell hanging off the motorcycle frame or handlebars of a bike and wondered what it was for, well I’m gonna tell you, so no worries. Continue reading

The Future of the Automotive Industry: Tesla Motor Co.

Tesla Motors is actively pursuing a low-cost strategy to make their cars more affordable for the mass-market consumer. They’ve set themselves apart by employing high capacity utilization and technological advantages. Yes, Tesla offers a preferred product at a higher price, but they’ve used the money made on that to build an even more affordable car while providing zero emission electric powered cars for future generations.

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3 Inexpensive Motorcycles for the Beginner

Are you shopping for a new motorcycle? Perhaps you’re a beginner like I was and have no idea where to start looking. First, I recommend you try out a few different bikes at your local motorcycle riding school. The one near my place was right next to the auto shop I go to all the time, 2 Brothers Auto. So needless to say, I had access to my favorite people in the world: grease monkeys who gave me a ton of advice on which bike to purchase. That’s neither here nor there. Let’s get to it. Here’s my review of 3 beginner motorcycles: Continue reading