3 Inexpensive Motorcycles for the Beginner

Are you shopping for a new motorcycle? Perhaps you’re a beginner like I was and have no idea where to start looking. First, I recommend you try out a few different bikes at your local motorcycle riding school. The one near my place was right next to the auto shop I go to all the time, 2 Brothers Auto. So needless to say, I had access to my favorite people in the world: grease monkeys who gave me a ton of advice on which bike to purchase. That’s neither here nor there. Let’s get to it. Here’s my review of 3 beginner motorcycles:

  1. Honda Grom
  2. Kawasaki Vulcan S (with ABS)
  3. Triumph Bonneville

Honda Grom

It may as well be a scooter with its 125cc engine. But if you’re looking for a crotch rocket that provides a thrilling ride around town, the grom is for you. It definitely has a lot of personality—like a small pirate with a crazy eye. You know he’s small, but he’s also pretty mean when he gets rum in his belly. You’re not going to be street racing with this puppy, but that’s not why you purchase it. This bike is more fun cruising around town. Because of its small size and low seat height, it’s the perfect starter bike. I’ve considered purchasing one myself on many occasions…cue me visiting craigslist to view prices on used ones. This will only run you about $3100 MSRP too!


Kawasaki Vulcan S (with ABS)

A 649cc engine is only the starting point on this rugged-looking bike. I love the sexy curves of this machine. It also is loaded with Anti-lock Brakes which really keeps new riders safe! What sets this bike apart is the customization you can order it with. Every rider can adjust the location of the bars, seat and pegs so it doesn’t matter if you’re four feet tall or seven feet tall, this bike will fit just about any rider. Plus, Kawasaki is just a reliable brand. You thought I was gonna recommend the Ninja didn’t you? Sorry, I’m not on that train.


Triump Bonneville

The biggest of the three, this 865cc displacement is a 4-stroke, air-cooled, DOHC parallel twin engine with a 5-speed transmission. The Bonneville is a classic bike from the 70s that is making a comeback with the success of the hipster café racers. It provides the basics, which is important. Don’t take this on long trips across the highway, but it’s perfect if you’re a stylish rider who likes to ride for fun! If I was going to purchase a bike again, I’m pretty sure this one would fit perfectly for my personality!